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LaRouche Economics Class Series (2022)

Welcome to the 2022 class series on the economic outlook of Lyndon LaRouche!

This course will be roughly based on Lyndon LaRouche's 1984 economics textbook So, You Wish To Learn All About Economics?

Classes are by Zoom, Fridays at 7 p.m.

Homework and discussion questions will be handled through the LaRouche Movement forum.

To join the classes, register here.

Lyndon LaRouche points to his "Triple Curve"

Kickoff — October 28

The class series kicks off with a Zoom watch party of the economic science video Lyndon LaRouche created to accompany his book.

Class 1 • November 4

(preface, chapters 1 and 2) — Introduction • the LaRouche movement’s history and proposals (World Land-Bridge) • goal of classes — to create people capable of providing leadership anywhere in the world, to create policy and organize • basic physical economic concepts: energy flux density, capital intensity, potential relative population density

Class 2 • November 11

(chapter 3) — Cade and Dewey take us on a tour of LaRouche's thermodynamics of economy, discussing why there are no limits to growth, the anti-entropic nature of economics and the universe as a whole, and what a 19th century physicist has to do with LaRouche's breakthrough.

Class 3 • November 18

(chapters 4–6) — Mike addresses economic value as the transmission of anti-entropy, the composition of the labor force, the creation of new hypotheses, and the active role of the economist and thinker.

Class 4 • November 25

(chapters 7–10) — Monetary systems: gold reserve, Glass–Steagall, looting • Infrastructure as a field • The value of an individual life. • Population policy

Class 5 • December 2

Conclusion: present crisis and potential • World Land-Bridge • LaRouche’s Four Laws • Nuclear war threat / green fascism driven by financial collapse and death of a system • Creating a new paradigm. • Future LaRouche movement classes